Match Your Skills to Occupations

You should know what work-related skills you have and how good you are at each. Next, find occupations that match the skills you want to use. You’ll use this list to help you explore careers.

How do you know what your skills are? 
First, do a skills assessment online or with a career coach. Or, your library may have resources to help.  You can look at the Occupational Outlook Handbook. You can ask people close to you for feedback, too. Look at occupations that interest you and look at the skills.  Do you have these skills? 

Match with occupations.
Use Match Your Skills to Occupations (pdf) to write down your skills.  Also, write down 5 - 10 occupations that are a good fit with your skills.  

Resources for Work Skills

Have a career in mind? MySkills My Future is an online tool that matches your skills to training and jobs.

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