How to Use a Career Plan

Think about famous people who you admire. How did they get there?

Many successful people know what they want and set goals to get where they want to be. They usually break their goals down into smaller tasks. Then, they make new goals to achieve more.

Career Plan Steps

Here are ways to help you set goals and stick to them.

Step 1: Make a career plan Think about your long–term career goals and the things you can do in the short run to get them done.
Step 2: Follow your career plan You've written down your career plan. Now follow your plan.
  • Tell people about your goals. Find people who will support you and give you feedback.
  • Be sure your goals and the time you need to get them done are realistic.
  • Reward yourself for completing a task.
Step 3: Review and update your career plan You may run into roadblocks or want to change your mind. Don't be discouraged!
  • Change your career plan or tasks if they aren't working for you.
  • Try a new way to complete your goals.
  • Understand that the world of work changes quickly, and so can you.
  • If needed, use your Plan B.

Once you achieve your career goals, reward yourself. Then think of new goals for the next phase of your career. Remember: planning your career will affect your whole life. You will go through the planning process many times as your circumstances change.

Use the Career Plan Worksheet (pdf) to track your long-term and short-term goals.

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